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The post-Han and Tang architectural style of Wuahi hotel is unique and fascinating. Overlooking from the height of the buildings, pavilions, corridors, Bridges strewn at random, decorated in the middle of the lake, lake building embrace, all show poetic dwelling beautiful picture.

Xi 'an, the beginning of the silk road economic belt. As the designated reception hotel for the silk road conference, Wuahi hotel, in line with Xi 'an, inherits the culture of the Han and Tang dynasties. The new Chinese style architecture cluster of the Han and Tang dynasties will be a five-star post on the silk road.


The design of the hotel is fully integrated with the Oriental architectural design elements, such as the culture of Han and Tang dynasties, rivers and lakes, gardens and courtyards, and combined with the contemporary minimalist design concept, which redefines the hotel as a new benchmark for luxury experience and brings unique and exclusive experience to guests. The hotel is designed in the style of post-Han and Tang dynasty buildings with ingenuity. The royal colors of the Tang dynasty are used to extend the vigorous and magnificent charm of the ancient city.