Abstract Submission Requirements


The CSCB invites the submission of abstracts that report new scientific research developments in the areas of cell biology.


1.    The abstract text is limited to 500 words, including spaces. This limit includes the body of the abstract only. When you submit the abstract, you should select a theme to submit. Please don¡¯t submit Picture or Video.

2.    The abstract should be submitted on the conference website only. If you want to do the poster presentation, please send your poster to CSCB office. Both the deadlines of abstract submission and poster submission are May 31, 2020. Otherwise, your abstract will be considered the candidate of oral short talk.

3.    The abstracts accepted will be printed in the conference abstracts book. After you submit your abstract, please pay the registration fee before May 31, 2020. No abstract will be accepted if the payment is done after May 31, 2020.


All the abstracts accepted should submit posters, however, abstracts of invited speakers and selected oral speakers are exclusive. Please submit the poster by emailing to meeting@cscb.org.cn (Please send with subject line " Your Name + CSCB 2020 Meeting+Poster"). Please design your poster according to the poster template(downloadedPoster Template.pptx). The CSCB will print and paste the poster for you. The poster will be pasted according to the theme you selected. The CSCB will set up a poster viewing time during the conference.


S01: Membrane Fusion and Fission£¨WLLA Sympusia) (Organizer£ºJIA Da)

S02: The Regulatory Mechanisms of Nervous System Development (Co-Organizer£ºBAO Lan, XU Nanjie)

S03: Circadian Rhythm and Physiology Homeostasis (Co-Organizer£ºZHANG Luoying¡¢LIU Yi)

S04: The Hippo Pathway: Regulation and Functions in Diseases (Co-Organizer£ºZHAO Bin, CHEN Tingmei)

S05: Muscle Stem Cell & Muscular Disease (Co-Organizer£ºHU Ping, ZHANG Yong)

S06: Membrane Contact Sites and Membrane-less Organelle (Co-Organizer£ºZHONG Qing¡¢YU Li£©

S07&S13 : Tumor Cell Microenvironment£¨¢ñ&¢ò£©(Co-Organizer£ºWANG Hongyang, LIU Mingyao)

S08: Neural stem cell development and diseases (Co-Organizer£ºXU Zhiheng, YANG Zhengang)

S09: Systems Biology of Aging  (Co-Organizer£ºHAN Jingdong,LIU Guanghui)

S10: TGF-¦Â Signal Transduction in Human Diseases (Co-Organizer£ºYANG Xiao, ZHANG Long)

S11:Metabolic Regulation in Development (Co-Organizer£ºZHU Dahai, Huang Xun)

S12: Regulatory Networks underlying Plant Organogenesis (Co-Organizer£ºJIAO Yuling, LI Yunhai)

S14: Neural Signal Transduction and Disease (Co-Organizer£ºHAN Junhai, QIU Zilong)

S15: Aging in the Central Nervous System: Mechanism and Intervention (Co-Organizer£ºWANG Guanghui, LIU Guanghui)

S16: Developmental and Regenerative Biology (Co-Organizer£ºLUO Lingfei, ZHOU Dawang)

S17: Metabolism and Immunity (Co-Organizer£ºLEI Qunying, CHEN Lanfen)

S18: Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Stem Cell Regulation (Co-Organizer£ºZHAO Zhong, HU Yuxin)

S00: A model for mechanistic exploration, disease development and personalized medicine (Co-Organizer£ºCHEN Ye-Guang, HUI Lijian)

WLLA Young PI Symposia: Engineering of Designer Cells for Precision Therapy (Co-Organizer£ºYE Haifeng, XIE Zhen, WANG Haopeng

Educational Session: Cell Signaling£¨Co-Organizer£ºCHEN Jianguo, ZOU Fangdong

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