Chinese Society of Pathology (CSP) was established in 1954 as an academic branch, which is responsible for the organization of academic activities under the leadership of the Chinese Medical Association. The committee, youth committee and academic groups are all established through democratic election. CSP adheres to the principle of democratic administration, and its major issues and annual plans must be decided by the Standing Committee of this Special Branch. The current CSP committee, namely the twelfth term, has approved the establishment of three academic groups including pathological technology group, pediatric pathology group and cytopathology group. Besides, five groups are approved while conducting academic activities, including groups working on cranial nerve pathology, bone and soft tissue tumor pathology, breast pathology, lymphoid hematopoietic tissue pathology and female reproductive system pathology. CSP has its own logo and official website, and its official Journal is the Chinese Journal of Pathology.


The mission of the Society is to lead Chinese pathologists to create, use and popularize the scientific methods and technologies to study the cause of diseases, pathogenesis, and changes in morphology, function, and metabolism caused by diseases, so as to reveal the nature of diseases and the law of occurrence and development, and serve for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.


At present, the tasks of the Society include: conducting academic exchanges, continue medical education, and scientific popularization according to the overall deployment of the Chinese Medical Association; formulating industry standards and operating practices, and promoting the scientific development of pathological subspecialties; discovering, recommending and commending outstanding pathologists; contacting with professional pathologist, reflecting their opinions, requirements and suggestions to government; guiding the academic activities of the pathology committees of the medical associations in provinces, autonomous regions and direct-controlled municipality, staying in touch with the other relevant specialist branches; and accepting and fulfilling the assignments of the superior units.


The pathologists of the Society deliver the spirits from generation to generation, forge ahead, and seek innovation and truth, devoting themselves to the development of pathology in China. They have cultivated a great number of backup talents, keeping working hard in unity and seeking inheritance, succession and development. The Society has already became the backbone to develop and promote the pathology research and discipline development in China.